Monday, July 21, 2014

Stellar weekend!

After work on Friday, Rory and I decided to take Aspen to the beach.  I'm very fortunate to live less than 30 minutes from several beaches and I LOVE the ocean!  Most of the beaches allow dogs during off season but we found one that allows dogs year round so off we went.  I forgot two very important things: 1) my horse's longe line so she could run around (without me needing to run haha) 2) my camera.  Damn. So here is a crappy cell phone picture of us:

Aspen LOVED the beach

I'm looking forward to when beach season ends (and her recall is better) and I can let her run around sans leash :)

We spent a good 2 hours romping around the beach and decided to grab a bite to eat.  Of course we chose a location that allowed dogs so Aspen could come along.  She was SO good!  No one could believe that she's only 13 weeks old because she was so calm.  The staff loved her and she just soaked up all of the attention.  When she wasn't being doted upon, she was just laying down munching on her bully stick.

Due to crazy, hectic schedules between work and school, Rory and I don't get many date nights so we hung around after dinner and had a few drinks.  It was such a nice night sitting by the water. :)  We stayed until about 9:30... it was starting to get chilly and someone was sleepy...

We headed home and Aspen was quite happy to be put to bed! :) 

This was a really good outing for her because she's a fairly timid dog in new environments.  I take her everywhere I possibly can to socialize her.  I try to choose stores/ restaurants/activities that allow dogs.  I also try to hang out with friends that have well behaved dogs.  Aspen is usually quite happy to not be alpha dog- she just wants to play :)

On Saturday, we met with my best friend, Lo, and the lab mix that she adopted about 5 months ago.  Aspen and Oshie became fast friends!  I couldn't get a single photo because they were zooming around so fast!

Overall, it was a great weekend of walks, friends and playtime!

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