Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catching up...

I've tried blogging twice before with no success but third time is a charm... right?

Anyway, let me get caught up here.

In June 2014, I made the crazy, spontaneous decision to adopt a puppy.  A friend of mine posted a picture of a puppy that she was adopting and said that she had 3 sisters in need of homes... these pups were being fostered in Louisiana after being pulled from a high kill shelter at only 6 weeks old!  They are lab mixes- not sure what the other half of the mix is.  I scanned through the photos of the available pups and fell in love with the one with little white toes.  :)

I sent my amazing boyfriend a text saying, 'this pup needs a home- she's cute, huh?'... The enabler that he is replied, 'yep, call the lady.'  OKAY!  I called, had 2 phone interviews and decided that Cricket was the pup for me.  I told my boyfriend (Rory) that we were now the proud owners of this adorable little girl.  He said that was great but the name needed to go.

That night, over dinner, we discussed names.  I pulled out my list:

Maggie? No.
Luna? No.
Lexi? No.
Laci? No.
Emma? No.

... I was giving him a lot of options....

Roxy? No.
Aspen? ........ Aspen?..... Yeah!

Great! Now we had about a month to get all of her supplies.  It was the longest month of my life!

Fast forward the tape...

On July 5, we picked Aspen up in CT and brought her home.  She was pretty tired from her trip and slept a lot the first day.  She seemed very unenthusiastic for the first few days.  We were told that she was the hyper one- that she CLIMBED out of the chain link kennel!  For the first 3-4 days that we had her, she didn't even wag her tail at us.  Poor girl was probably so confused.  Today, a week and a half later, she wags her tail, hops around and is SO excited when we come home.  She's a bouncy, happy pup!

We are in the joyous stage of housebreaking.  Can't wait for that to be over- although she is a fast learner.

This girl definitely needs to be kept busy so goals for her are as follows:

Basic Obedience- started
CGC certification
Agility training- not sure to what level yet

Rory and I love to hike and camp so we plan on taking her along on those adventures as well.  I also read about a program called "Tail Waggin Tutors" that I'm interested in doing with her.  You and your dog go to libraries and read with little kids- right up my alley as I love to read and I love my pup!

So, that's the short version of the last couple of weeks... I'll end with some photo's (sorry they're crappy cell phone pics):

Relaxing after a nice long walk

Look at that face!!!

Love her!

On the drive to her forever home from CT

First 'selfie'

Thanks for reading!

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