Friday, July 25, 2014


I've been pretty busy lately with work and school.  I still make sure Aspen gets two walks per day (minimum of one mile each) and a few rounds of fetch but I'm not getting her out and socialized as much as I'd like.  Only one more week of classes, one week of finals then I'm off for three weeks! Yayay! :)

As awesome as that is, it also means that my Colorado trip is right around the corner... and even though I need a vacation now more than ever, I'm having a LOT of anxiety about leaving Aspen at the kennel.  All of these "what ifs" are running around in my head.

We've been working on some obedience, now that she's learned her name :)
She has "sit" about 90% of the time and "come" is only at about 60% - She gets distracted VERY easily!
Her little puppy legs are everywhere!
But here she is, sitting and waiting for her treat!

I'm looking forward to starting obedience classes with her when we get back from CO and really getting her obedience down.  Especially "come".  She hates her crate so much so now she's very skeptical about coming to us because she doesn't want to go in.  I feel bad and I'm not sure how to remedy it.  I'm researching but everything tells me to ignore her and she'll get used to it.

And finally:
Snuggly pup

She sleeps in her crate at night but after her 5am potty break, she comes in my bed to snuggle :)

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